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Star Wars // R2D2 Build and reveal.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has a huge place in our hearts. We believe in helping children that may not be as fortunate as others. It's always a joy to be a part of making dreams come true.

R2D2 was a fun challenge to build. R2 was fabricated with a simple joystick with massive on/off buttons inside. We also placed a large (kill it) button on the outside for parents. The computer is powered by 2 rechargeable gel batteries and guided by our proprietary software that is enclosed under the cushioned driver's seat.

After test-driving R2, popping wheelies and leaving tire marks in our shop, we decided it would be best if we slowed down the oversized torquey electric motors. We really wanted to take it on a half pipe to see how R2 could perform.

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